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Saturday night at the cafe

I have been cooking at the cafe on and off since the early 90's,i have been involved in the Bonnington centre since its early days in the 80's,and treasure the place My approach to cooking is to use as much as possible fresh,seasonal and local foods,with a dash of Mediterranean veggies and herbs to spice things up.

Occasionally there is also a touch of the orient involved,but i prefer to stick to traditional recipes adapted to my taste. Originating from northern italy,near the Austrian border i love to bake cakes and pastries that i am familiar with and remind me of home.

I am a keen grower of vegetables and have my own allotments,where i try to grow a variety of veggies,herbs and fruits.Some of these end up in the dishes i cook at the cafe,fresh from the garden!There is nothing like picking your own ingredients,and then putting them together to create a plate-just like magic!

I have always been,and still am appalled at all the ready-made foods on offer in this country and do from time to time make my point at supermarkets when,rather than being able to get a basic ingredient,i can only get products with who knows what added to them.

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